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T. J. Clark's Life Source™ Sports Nutrition Package


Sports Nutrition Package -

30 Ct. Advanced Formula AndrostenedioneÔ   

60 Ct. Catalyzed DHEAÔ  

8 Oz. Amino Acid FormulaÔ  

8 Oz. Body Uptake FormulaÔ  


Strength and endurance athletes, as well as the casual exerciser will benefit from this cutting-edge group of power-packed nutrients taken in conjunction with the Health Complete Daily Nutrition package.

  •  Our Body Uptake Formula has often been described by our customers as, "The right fuel that makes the body run better". And that's exactly what it does. The human body itself is composed of these vital minerals and trace elements, which rebuild and renew themselves throughout a person's lifetime. Give the body the right fuel, and it truly makes a difference!!! 
  • We have also boosted our Sports Nutrition Package with the pro-hormones DHEA, and Androstenedione. Both of which have may increase levels of testosterone; and boost levels of estrogen, progesterone and cortisol through the use of DHEA. They may also aid in building lean mass, and increase muscle strength. Several studies have been completed on DHEA, suggesting that it may also have a role in increased immune function, which is critical to competitive athletes who remain under physical stress. Given the carefully studied dosages of each supplement, they are safe to use together at the recommended dosages of T. J. Clark's Sports Nutrition Package. 
  • Finally, this comprehensive package contains our specially formulated amino acid formula, to give you optimum performance. It doesn't matter if you're a competitive athlete, or just someone who enjoys the health benefits of moderate exercise, everyone will increase their potential, and perform better by using T. J. Clark's Sports Nutrition Package!

For safety, everyone should consult their physician before beginning an exercise program or adding supplements to their diet. Do not exceed recommended dosages of DHEA or Androstenedione.


Every ingredient in our Life Source Package Line-up has been carefully selected for compatibility and optimization with our exclusive phytogenic complex Polyfloramin™. Our proprietary
"Team Effect" has never been greater!


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