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T. J. Clark's Life Source Skin Care Package™

Skin Care Package -

8 Oz. Liquid Catalyzed Chromium Picolinate Formula™

4 Oz. Liquid Co-Q 10 Advanced Formula™

8 Oz. Organic Toner with Vitamin C Formula™



Our all-natural skin care package designed for healthy skin from the inside out. The internal ingredients are the ones that most skin-care product manufactures overlook, but in reality, healthy skin begins far beneath the surface. 

Our skin, the body's largest organ relies on a complex routine of replacing and adding millions of new cells in order to maintain a healthy appearance. Aside from internal tissue cell mitosis, the skin also harbors basil and spiny cells near the surface. These skin-replenishing cells occur in the dermis, and epidermis, and their healthy functioning is what allows our skin to replace itself. 

Our specialized Organic Toner with Vitamin C is fortified with essential trace minerals which help to naturally nourish these important cells, and encourage exfoliation for a more smooth, and healthy skin appearance with less fine lines and wrinkles.

T. J. Clark Catalyzed Chromium Picolinate with our famous phytogenic catalyst, Polyfloramin, is formulated with our patented ingredients to help bring metabolic balance to your body and build and protect critical body muscle. * 

Chromium Picolinate, called by some "the Miracle Mineral", was originally developed by the USDA as a nutritional supplement and has been heralded in many fitness publications. Chromium is an essential trace mineral that is readily absorbed by the body in our patented liquid form.

T. J. Clark Liquid Co-Q10 has 50 mg of Coenzyme Q10 per dosage, 30 servings per container when taken at the recommended dosage of 4 ml's per day. If your needs only require 25 mg per day, then our exclusive liquid formulation with essential fatty acids can be easily adjusted to a 60-day supply. 

What is Co-Q10? Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like compound with benefits as a potent antioxidant free radical scavenger.  It is also a crucial part of cellular function, ATP, synthesis, and the production of energy.* Co-Q10 has strong ties to immune system support, overall improved health and weight control benefits.* Co-Q10 is required for mitochondrial energy production. As an antioxidant, it also protects lipids and other cell components from oxidation.**

Why should you take Co-Q10? Co-Q10 is found in every cell in the body, especially the heart. Co-Q10 levels decrease naturally as we age, beginning around the age of 20.** Co-Q10 helps stabilize cell membranes, vital in keeping all cells intact, functional and alive.** Some say Co-Q10's greatest talents are displayed in the tiny energy factories of the cells, called mitochondria, where oxygen is burned to give cells energy to carry on the business of life, a process called bioenergetics.** Co-Q10 is often called the "spark" that starts the mitochondrial engines, without which cell life, and thus human life, ceases to exist.** 

T. J. Clark Catalyzed Vitamin C is specially formulated with our Polyfloramin Catalyst to increase the uptake of not only vitamin C, but also the nutrients within the foods we eat. 

Recent research has found that vitamin C is the only vitamin that seems to play a role in every body function. The bad news is that deficiencies have been found in 25 to 50 percent of the adult population. Deficiency signs can be anything from bleeding gums and easy bruising to irritability and joint pain. 
Vitamin C is an antioxidant required for tissue growth and repair, adrenal gland function, and healthy gums. The body cannot manufacture vitamin C, so it must be obtained through diet and supplements. 

Note: smoking drastically impairs the effectiveness of vitamin C. **

Caution: If you are diabetic, take chromium supplements only with a doctor's supervision. Chromium may alter insulin requirements.

** Source: Some of the above information was found in "Stop Aging Now" written by Jean Carper., additional information was found in "Miracle Cures-Dramatic New Scientific Discoveries Revealing the Healing Powers of Herbs, Vitamins, & Other Natural Remedies" written by Jean Carper. Various articles and educational material written by Dr. William V. Judy, Ph.D. and other authorities on nutrition contributed additional information.


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