T. J. Clark



T. J. Clark's Life Source Energy Max Package™


Energy Max Package -

8 Oz. Liquid Catalyzed Chromium Picolinate Formula™

4 Oz. Liquid Co-Q 10 Advanced Formula™

8 Oz. Liquid Ginseng Plus Formula™


Ginseng has been used medicinally for centuries to increase vitality, mental alertness, and physical endurance. We have taken the purest form of Ginseng available, and used it to create Liquid Ginseng Plus, a synergistic blend of Ginseng, liquid trace minerals, and proprietary ingredients which give you more energy, strength and vitality. 

We have added our own special blend of Liquid Co-Q10, which aside from it's role as an antioxidant, is involved in the breakdown of glucose into energy by controlling biochemical actions which allow the krebs energy cycle to take place. 

We also added our custom Liquid Chromium Picolinate, which not only aids the body in taking up glucose from the blood, but also may promote the burning of fat, and building of lean tissue. If pregnant or lactating, consult your physician before use.




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