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T. J. Clark's Life Source™ Bone & Joint Support Package


Bone & Joint Support Package -

8 oz. Advanced Formula Liquid MSM™

60 Ct. Catalyzed Glucosamine / Chrondroitin Formula™

90 Ct. Catalyzed Vitamin C


This package combines the best that science and alternative medicine have to offer for relieving the pain and stiffness associated with painful muscles and joints. Each product has proven it's worth, and each one is formulated using T. J. Clark & Company's special techniques for maximum absorption and bioavailability. By combining this package with our Health Complete Daily Nutrition package you maximize the effectiveness of our exclusive Phytogenic Colloidal Mineral Formula in maintaining healthy, less painful bones and joints which has been well-documented by millions of satisfied user during the past 8 decades. 

  • This package contains T. J. Clark's own unique blend of Liquid Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). Our MSM formula is produced using the finest MSM available, and formulated using T. J. Clark & Company's own special techniques in making one-of-a-kind liquid products. 
  • In this package, you'll also receive our T. J. Clark's own blend of Catalyzed Glucosamine/Chondroitin, one of the most thoroughly studied, and promising natural medicines in the world for maintaining health of bones, joints, and connective tissues. 
  • Rounding out this package is our catalyzed Vitamin C formula to provide anti-oxident benefits required for healthy tissue growth and repair.

At T. J. Clark, our processes, our knowledge, experience, and products are all "one of a kind", and your results will be too!  

Every ingredient in our Life Source Package Line-up has been carefully selected for compatibility and optimization with our exclusive phytogenic complex Polyfloramin. Our proprietary "Team Effect" has never been greater!


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